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Who Are We?

Global Evalutions, Empowerment Center, Inc. (GE) is a charitable, non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of life for families in developing countries in Africa. With an initial focus on Nigeria, GE seeks to provide community services in three (3) areas:

  • health and wellness
  • recyclable and waste management
  • renewable energy

GE proposes solutions that deliver services on the local level, while addressing structural and systemic realities that impact the lives of those served. The organization seeks to engage the communities served to find and participate in implementing solutions.

Based on key declarations of fundamental rights, GE believes that clean water, basic health care and healthy living environments free of waste are achievable standards for all people. Access to clean, sustainable energy sources is key to the delivery of many services and improvement in the quality of life.


  • According to the World Bank, over 1.2 billion people, 20% of the world's population, are still without access to electricity, almost all of whom live in developing countries. This includes about 550 million in Africa. Access to electricity must be environmentally and socially sustainable.

  • KPMG, a top accounting firm, reports that health indicators in Africa are shocking. Africans live, on average, 14 years less than the average world citizen, and 21 years less than the average European.

  • In 2010, 334 million people in Africa lacked access to clean water and nearly 600 million lacked access to proper sanitation facilities.